EAP / Peer Support


The members of the SDDAIA do a very difficult job and at times need assistance dealing with many of the issues we face on a daily basis. The Peer Support Team and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) were created to assist employees, dependents, and anyone who lives in the employee's household in resolving emotional or mental health problems which can affect a person's well being, job performance, or even his/her physical health. EAP is confidential and EAP records are not part of an employee's personnel file.


We are your co-workers, friends, and associates who have volunteered to assist you in times of need. Our team members represent employees from all classifications within the office. Our team also includes a Psychologist Consultant and a Chaplain.


Our role is to provide all DA employees with an immediate resource to assist in dealing with a critical incident or personal problem. We draw from our life experience, coupled with specialized training, to actively listen and offer support and direction with many of the problems of everyday life: career concerns, family relationships, divorce, retirement, bereavement, finances, disability, legal issues, stress, emotional or physical health.


We are as close as a phone call away, at any time of the day or night. We are working at our regular assignments, but are willing to put things aside in order to assist you with the help you may need. A Current Peer Support Team roster is posted on the DAnet.


A member of our large and diverse team can render confidential support in a variety of ways. We can offer a shoulder to lean on or a referral to a system of professionals and agencies with special expertise.


The choices we make to handle our problems are as varied as the problems themselves. Some may choose to speak with Psychological Services to seek a professional point of view. Others may want to use a peer as someone to bounce ideas off. Peer Support is designed to provide an avenue for employees to “talk out” their personal problems with a fellow co-worker who may have had a similar experience and are present to offer constructive support without judgment.


We strive to promote trust, and we respect the need for anonymity. Any communication with a member of the Peer Support Team is considered confidential, except for those matters which involve a threat of injury to self or others, including serious violations of the law.


More information can be found internally at: http://danet/er/personnel/benefits/eap.php.  Also members can call Greg Basham or any of the EAP team members on the roster at this link.

Anthem Blue Cross’ EAP website address is http://Anthemeap.com You must click on the Login button in the Members box to gain access.

The Confidential Recovery website address which has been recommended by past members is https://www.confidentialrecovery.com/

In April of 2015, the SDDAIA donated $250 to support the team and purchase needed supplies for the team.  In addition the SDDAIA works closely with EAP and Peer support on an ongoing basis to send flowers and/or condolences following a loss or traumatic event experienced by a member, and we can work with the office to arrange catastropic leave or other accomodations to help members through difficult times.