rmt300All SDDAIA members are members of the San Diego County Public Safety Retiree Medical Trust (SDCPSRMT) which provides reimbursement toward the cost of certain retiree medical expenses of participants pursuant to the Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan of the Trust.

All SDDAIA members contribute $50 per pay-period on a pre-tax basis into the trust. Members will earn a lifetime benefit after making contributions into the trust for five years.

The current RMT Board is Dave Schaller from the DSA, Shane Stiles from the DSA, Scott Stallman from the SDDAIA, along with representatives from the Probation Officers Association, and the Supervising Probation Officers Association. The board represents about 3500 police members in the trust.

For more information please visit the McGregor and Associates website at

The trust fund manager is the Syrios Wealth Management Group, more info at:

The board and several members of our adminsitrator McGregor and Associates attended the 61st Annual International Employee Benefits Conference from Nov 6-11, 2015. The board is required to attend annual training to ensure the fund operates efficently and the board members fufill their fiduciary responsibilities.  The board attended courses on Trustee Responsibility, overview of health and welfare funds, understanding fund financial statements, effective policies and procedures, ERISA advisory committee, strategies for retiree medical, ACA health care reform, etc., to better serve all of our members participating in the plan.