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Under the umbrella of the Association, 501(c)(9) Organization are our two independent 501(c)(3) Organizations, which include the Fallen Officers Fund (FOF) and the San Diego District Attorney Investigators Foundation (SDDAIF). The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and five Director positions are all elected by the general membership for two year terms. The FOF and SDDAIF chair and treasurer positions are appoints by the President of the Association.  The Golf/Social Committee members for the FOF and SDDAIF are appointed by the Chairs. 

The current board members are: http://www.sandiegodainvestigators.com/the-sddaia/board-members

The SDDAIA was incorporated on July 12, 1982, as a non-profit mutual benefit corporation as defined by 501(c)(9) of the tax code. The objective and purpose of this Association is to represent the active members in all matters of wages, hours and conditions of employment; to assist in promoting the professionalization of peace officers; to encourage among the members a closer personal acquaintance and a friendly spirit of mutual cooperation; and whenever possible, to assist in matters pertaining to the welfare and advancement of active members of the San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association, and the well being of the community.

The Association is 100% funded and operated by dues paid from each of the 125 members. The Association provides members representation in negotiations, provides long term disability insurance and Legal Defense Fund representation, membership in the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), coordinating social events, such as our annual Christmas Party which is free for members to attend. The Association has an Executive Board, consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition there are five Directors. Each member of the Board of Directors is assigned to lead an Association committee, which include the Social Committee, Fallen Officer Fund Committee, Merchandise Committee, Insurance Committee, and Legal/Professional Committee.

All of the Executive Board, Directors and Chairpersons associated with the SDDAIA are full time Police Officers and serve the Association as a collateral duty to their full time law enforcement duties. No SDDAIA members are paid a salary for their work with the Association; everyone volunteers their time and energy to operate the association and our two charitable organizations. For this reason we have no overhead costs or salary to contend with, all of the funds we receive go to support the Fallen Officers and charities we support.

Fallen Officers Fund (FOF)

In May of 1998 the FOF was created to financially assist any active Police Officer, Local, State or Federal, or his/her immediate family, in San Diego and Imperial County, who would be in need of immediate financial assistance as a result of death or any other capacity in which financial assistance would not be otherwise available. The ultimate dispensing of such funds shall reflect the spirit of benevolence and compassion of the San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association (SDDAIA), Fallen Officers Board of Directors; in meeting the immediate needs of a Fallen Officer or his/her immediate family.

The FOF receives some of its operating funds from SDDAIA Membership Dues, Private Donors, and the FOF Annual Breakfast event. However, over 90% of the Fallen Officers Fund is generated by two events, the Annual FOF Golf Tournament and the Annual San Diego Gang Conference (www.scgcsandiego.org). All of the funds collected are used exclusively to provide assistance to officers and their families experiencing the loss of an officer, and in times of sickness and distress and who are in need of help, and/or have medical needs that are not completely covered by health insurance or have other emergencies. The FOF exists to financially assist any active Police Officer, Local, State or Federal, or his/her immediate family, in San Diego and Imperial County. The SDDAIA Fallen Officers Fund believes in a friendly spirit of mutual cooperation, and whenever possible, we will assist with the welfare and advancement of active members of the San Diego District Attorney Investigator's Association, and the well-being of the entire San Diego County law enforcement community.  The FOF is exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.

More information can be found at: http://www.sandiegodainvestigators.com/the-sddaia/fallen-officers-fund

San Diego District Attorney Investigators Foundation (SDDAIF)

The SDDAIF was created in May of 2014 to support a wide array of local charitable and police officer development events in San Diego County. The primary objectives and purposes of this foundation is contributions to youth programs and organizations within the County of San Diego such as youth sports like boys' and girls' soccer, football, basketball, baseball, softball, other youth events in the educational, development, scholastic, fine arts, self-improvement and other areas, and school events or programs in San Diego County; and contributions to programs and organizations within the County of San Diego such as Shop with a Cop, the San Diego Regional Teddy Bear Drive, Crime Stoppers Light the Night Against Crime events, and other events that benefit the local community and Police Officer development and self-improvement, such as Battle of the Badges, San Diego Enforcers Football, Baker to Vegas Race Events, and other areas, and events or programs in San Diego County or events in which San Diego County Officers are participating; and contributions to other organizations exempt under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which emphasize or concentrate on youth programs of various kinds; and contributions to officer help organizations such as the California Peace Officers' Memorial Fund, California Memorial and the National Law Enforcement Memorial, Heroes Behind the Badge, to support widows and children of law enforcement personnel who die while employed. The SDDAIF is organized exclusively for charitable purposes under section 501(c)(3) or corresponding section of any future tax code.

The SDDAIF receives some of its operating funds from the SDDAIA Membership Dues; however private donors make up the bulk of the SDDAIF fund. The SDDAIF hosts several events each year to raise funds to operate the new foundation, including charity casino nights, annual DA Open Golf Tournament, and other social/charity events designed to support local charitable causes. The principal office of the SDDAIA and SDDAIF for the transaction of its business is located at 501 W Broadway, Suite A-393, San Diego, CA 92101.  The principal office for FOF business is at 501 W Broadway, Suite A-295, San Diego CA 92101.

More information can be found at: http://www.sandiegodainvestigators.com/the-sddaia/sddaif

Donors that generously give to support both the FOF and the SDDAIF will have their company logos listed under the Supporters section of this website. Silver Donors have given $500 or less,  Gold Donors have donated between $500 and $1000 dollars, and Platinum Donors have donated more than $1000 dollars. We appreciate any donation of any size, with your support we are able to a tremendous amount of good in our communities, thank you all very much.