About the Bureau of Investigation

The San Diego County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation is comprised of approximately 125 investigators whose law enforcement authority comes from Penal Code section 830.1, the same section as a Deputy Sheriff or City Police Officer. What is unique about our law enforcement team is that they come to us from other law enforcement agencies as experienced investigators from their first day of work. Most come from our local law enforcement partners. However, several received their investigative experience from a state or federal agency. They have all completed the regular basic POST academy and have an Advanced POST certificate, they are also required to meet ongoing training mandates set forth by the Peace Officers Standards of Training (POST).

The San Diego DA's Office is continuously seeking experienced and qualified investigators to fill the position of DAI. To learn more about the Bureau of Investigations and the requirements to become a DAI, please visit: http://www.sdcda.org/office/boi/investigator-jobs.html

2016 Recruiting Information Booklet

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Additionally, the Bureau has a dedicated staff of individuals who work as process servers, paralegals and trial support technicians that help us all accomplish our mission.PolicePatch 500

The current patch for the Bureau of Investigation was designed in 2013 at the direction of then newly appointed Bureau Chief, Adolfo Gonzales. The central focus of the patch is the San Diego County District Attorney’s seal. Lady Justice balancing the scales of Justice is depicted in the center of the seal. She symbolizes the measure of support and opposition for a case; justice’s balance. Her blindfold represents that justice is meted out objectively without fear or favor regardless of identity, money, power or weakness; blind justice and impartiality. The background of the seal displays various county historical landmarks. The Star of India is a reminder of San Diego’s great maritime heritage. The Mission San Diego de Alcala was the first Franciscan mission in the Las Californias and was founded in 1769. Behind the mission stands the Old Point Loma lighthouse at the Cabrillo National Park. At dusk on November 15, 1855, the light keeper climbed the winding stairs and lit the oil lamp for the first time. It stood watch over the entrance to San Diego Bay for 36 years. Today the lighthouse still stands watch over San Diego as a sentinel to a vanished past.

The Mission of the Bureau of Investigation is to effectively support the Office of the District Attorney and the Community by providing a full range of law enforcement investigative services.

The Bureau Goals are the following:

Trust - We foster healthy relationships through ethical decision making, empathy and honest communication.

Efficiency - We responsibly utilize and manage our resources.

Accountability -  We ensure high standards of performance, ethics and professional conduct.

Mentoring - We develop a professional work force through selection, training, expectations and succession planning