President's Message


It seems we had just entered the summer months. The summer of 2019 has passed and we are in September. I’d like every one to remember what we had experienced in September 2001. I'm sure most of us can remember were we where when the attack started. I was in a patrol car driving south in the 300 block of S. Mollison in El Cajon.  If you have a 9/11 badge, I would ask you to wear it for the entire month of September. We need to honor our brothers and sisters that lost their lives on that date and continue to lose their lives from cancer and all the other diseases from ground zero. As we get further from 9/11, we are forgetting how that day affected us and how our lives changed forever.

Closer to home we are still working to ensure our voices are heard in Sacramento. I truly believe the political season never ends. As most of you know AB392 passed and SB230 is getting closer to be sent to the governor’s desk. We are evaluating candidates and expect to make some announcements soon. I thank you for your service and professionalism.



In Service,

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Bryan Zmijewski


"Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost!"

President Ronald Reagan