Shane Lynn Nominated as President of the San Diego Enforcers

**Originally Posted FRIDAY, 07 FEBRUARY 2020

SDDAIA member Shane Lynn was recently nominated to serve as President of the San Diego Enforcers, which is a charitable non-profit organization that is comprised of public safety personnel throughout San Diego County. As a member of the National Public Safety Football League, they compete against other public safety football teams from across the country with the goal of raising money for various charities and they have raised over $250,000 for various local charities and communities.

Last month, at the request of a teacher, Shane and three other San Diego Enforcers visited Dale Elementary School and addressed three separate classrooms to talk about teamwork, leadership, and being a mentor. They discussed the importance of mentoring and teaching others who aren't as good or knowledgeable and that it takes several individuals with different skills to make up a successful team. In the spirit of the Superbowl, they left them with an important message: The best player doesn't not always make the Superbowl, the best team does. After talking with the kids, they threw footballs with them. This is a great example of how SDDAIA members are giving back and being a part of the community.