President's Message

I think most of us are thankful 2021 has arrived. I could walk down memory lane and remind everyone of all the things that have happened to our country and world. To tell you the truth, I’d like to look ahead and use last year as a step in our collective experiences.

We know some of the big things to look forward to is new leadership in the White House, not to mention a new Board of Supervisors. Change will be coming in the way problems are looked at and there will be different priorities for some. Law enforcement will be viewed differently but we will continue to be professional in our calling.

The vaccine has started, and this may be the best single action that will allow us to go back to normalcy. I do believe we can accomplish this in our county, state and country.

As you can see this is a new website design for us. Sometimes you have to make changes to better our Association. Part of the reason why this website is so important is that we can send out our message and connect with those community members that are looking for information. We hope to continue with ideas and actions that will turn this Association into an even better Association.

Have a healthy and happy start of the new year, I’m just happy we turned the calendar to 2021.

In Service,

Denise Lemen-Sipp

Bryan Zmijewski